Summit on Digital Diplomacy and Governance

Technology is having a profound impact on the core functions of diplomacy. The role of diplomacy in the digital era is changing: from geopolitical and societal changes in the environment where diplomacy operates, to new issues on diplomatic agendas, to new digital tools aiding the work of diplomats.

The Summit on Digital Diplomacy and Governance, was organised by DiploFoundation in cooperation with Malta’s Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, with aim to look ahead at the future of diplomacy by reflecting on the past decades, marked by the use of technology in and for diplomacy.

Malta Summit 2022 Organisers logos

Diplomats, academics, technologists, and NGO representatives discussed digital diplomacy and governance, AI, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and other issues that shape our digital future, as well as policy processes including ongoing negotiations on the proposed Global Digital Compact.

The Summit, which also marked 20 years of DiploFoundation and 30 years of internet and diplomacy research and training in Malta, took place in Malta on Friday 18th November and Saturday 19th November 2022, and was preceded by a pre-event on Thursday, 17th November 2022.

Visit the Summit website to view highlights from the event. Visit also the Diploversary page to find out more about Diplo’s history.