#Diplomacy: Internet and social media [A historical journey #10]

In the November episode of Diplo’s History of Diplomacy and Technology series, we will analyse the impact the internet and social media have on diplomacy. Register to attend!

Diplomats use the internet for meetings,  sharing information, negotiating, and communicating. Even ‘corridor diplomacy’, which was strongly linked to traditional diplomacy, has been replaced by emails, Twitter, and Zoom meetings

Social media has drastically changed what can be achieved at the negotiation table, as internet users and the public affect the process and outcome of negotiations.

We will analyse:

  • How has diplomacy adjusted to the changes brought about by the internet? 
  • Is the internet a diplomatic revolution, or simply another stage in the evolution of diplomacy?

To find out more, join us for our November masterclass with Jovan Kurbalija, ‘#Diplomacy: Internet and social media’, on Thursday, 25th November, at 14:00 CET.