Public Diplomacy online course

Public diplomacy is a hot topic today, yet only a decade ago, it was a very specialised term.

There is a new transparency in the interactions between governments and countries in the international system, influenced by factors such as:

  • democratisation of diplomacy
  • globalisation
  • resurgence of methods of bilateral, regional, and multilateral diplomacy
  • spotlight on external and internal issues

With more public interest in foreign affairs than ever before, ordinary people are demanding open diplomacy, and governments are obliged to respond with public information about the spending of funds they receive and the results that they achieve.

This course covers the goals and methods of public diplomacy, outlining what it can and cannot do, with case studies.

Programme details

What will you learn?
  • What public diplomacy is in practice, its key features, tasks and methods
  • How to analyse different approaches to public diplomacy and identify realistic and workable tools and methods for different situations
  • How to plan strategies for country image-building activities based on best practices
  • How to assess and evaluate the impact of public diplomacy programmes
How will you learn? In this course you will interact intensively in discussions with classmates and lecturers from around the world. You will receive guidance and personalised feedback on your classwork from the course team. How long will you learn? The course lasts for 10 weeks:
  • 1 week of course introduction and orientation to online learning
  • 8 weeks of addressing the course topics one by one (see below for more details)
  • 1 week for the final assignment and completing pending tasks