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[WebDebate #3 summary] Is research on diplomacy relevant and useful?

Alan K. Henrikson - 19 June 2016

There is increasing interest among researchers of diplomacy in studying the field from various angles, from legal aspects and governance structures, to anthropological and cultural studies. Researchers often look at w...

[WebDebate #2 summary] Diplomatic training: combining tradition and innovation

Mina Mudrić - 19 May 2016

Diplomatic training has been transformed by technology: diplomats now have access to vast amounts of information and resources, and diplomatic training can be conducted online. Other aspects, such as new approaches in...

[WebDebate #1 summary] Bright future for diplomacy and need for changes in diplomatic services

DiploFoundation - 19 April 2016

The end of diplomacy has been pronounced many times in history. In 1850, when Lord Palmerston received the first telegraph, he exclaimed: ‘My God, this is the end of diplomacy!’ Diplomacy survived not only the inv...