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[WebDebate #15 summary] Should we take new diplomacies seriously?

Andrijana Gavrilović - 19 September 2017

DiploFoundation’s September WebDebate asked whether we should take new diplomacies seriously. As moderator Dr Katharina Höne noted, with the term ‘new diplomacy’ gaining traction, it is important to debate and ...

[WebDebate #14 summary] Sports diplomacy: new diplomacy and peacemaking tools, or propaganda by other means?

Diplo’s July WebDebate explored the extent to which sports can be used as a tool for diplomacy and peace. We asked: what forms does sports diplomacy take? Who are the actors? Is it more than just propaganda by other...

[WebDebate #13 summary] A new bilateralism in a changing world

Virdzinija Saveska - 19 June 2017

Our June WebDebate A New Bilateralism in a Changing World took place on 6 June 2017. The emerging trend of isolationism and skepticism toward multilateralism has helped revive interest in the subject of bilateral ...

[WebDebate #12 summary] Standardisation: Practical solutions for strained negotiations, or an arena for realpolitik?

Virdzinija Saveska - 19 May 2017

Our May WebDebate looked at standards as tools for managing international relations and discussed the process of negotiating and implementing the standards. Standards define our everyday lives in ways most people do n...

[WebDebate #11 summary] Education Diplomacy: a new diplomacy for the SDG era?

Andrijana Gavrilović - 19 April 2017

In our April WebDebate, we discussed Education Diplomacy, which could be described as the use of diplomacy to further education as a driver for development. We asked: What is Education Diplomacy? Is it still diplomacy...

[WebDebate #10 summary]Diplomats as Writers – Marrying the Arts and Diplomacy

Katharina Höne - 19 March 2017

In our March WebDebate, we explored the contribution of diplomats to literature and cultural heritage and also looked at how art and diplomacy can be usefully combined. We asked: What can we learn from diplomats who a...

[WebDebate #9 summary] Science diplomacy: approaches and skills for diplomats and scientists to work together effectively

Ana Andrijevic - 19 February 2017

The WebDebate on ‘Science diplomacy: approaches and skills for diplomats and scientists to work together effectively’ was organised by DiploFoundation within the framework of the International Forum on Diplomatic ...

[WebDebate #8 summary] Data diplomacy and knowledge management – key skills for the next generation of diplomats

Katharina Höne - 19 December 2016

Our December WebDebate focused on knowledge management and data diplomacy and the mind-set and skills that the next generation of diplomats needs in order to be effective in these areas. One of the key functions of di...