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[WebDebate #23 summary] #Cybermediation: New skills and tools for mediation

Andrijana Gavrilović - 09 July 2018

In our July WebDebate, we looked at what new skills are needed for mediators to operate in a conflict environment impacted by the spread of new technologies, what new tools have become available in this context, and h...

[WebDebate #22 summary] Algorithmic diplomacy: Better geopolitical analysis? Concerns about human rights?

Andrijana Gavrilović - 19 June 2018

Our June WebDebate tackled the topic of Algorithmic diplomacy. Three issues in this field were discussed in the debate: algorithmic diplomacy in the context of geopolitical analysis and public diplomacy, impact of alg...

[WebDebate #21 summary] Can we teach and learn negotiation skills online?

Andrijana Gavrilović - 19 May 2018

In our May WebDebate, we looked at the potential of teaching and learning negotiation skills online. Joining us to to consider this possibility were Ambassador Kishan S. Rana, professor emeritus and DiploFoundation se...

[WebDebate #20 summary] Strategies for African States in Multilateral Diplomacy

Andrijana Gavrilović - 19 March 2018

The overarching question of the WebDebate in March was: how can African states navigate multilateral diplomacy successfully? Addressing this formidable question were Amb. Amr Aljowaily, Egypt’s ambassador to Serb...

[WebDebate #19 summary] What is the potential of big data for diplomacy?

Andrijana Gavrilović - 25 December 2017

We leave digital footprints everywhere. Modern society is marked by data which is continuously generated through various devices and in numerous ways – such as through social media, Internet browsing, and through sa...

[WebDebate #18 summary] Digital diplomacy: new actors and technology in diplomacy

Andrijana Gavrilović - 19 December 2017

In our December WebDebate, we focused on digital diplomacy. We discussed the following questions: how have ministries of foreign affairs (MFAs) adopted social media as part of their public diplomacy efforts? Is digita...

[WebDebate #17 summary] Humanitarian diplomacy and the influence of new actors and new technology

Arieh Harel - 19 November 2017

Our November WebDebate focused on humanitarian diplomacy. As one of the ‘new diplomacies’, it does not only remind us of the importance of new actors, but also of the importance of conducting careful stakeholder a...

[Webdebate #16 summary] Exploring digital diplomacy as a ‘new diplomacy’

Is digital diplomacy a proper area of study or a set of tools used to extend traditional diplomatic communication? How can Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MFAs) fully harness the potential of digital diplomacy? Does di...