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Institute for Development and Diplomacy established at ADA University

ADA University - 04 July 2022

The Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (current ADA University) is a higher education institution established under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan in March 2006. By the decree of President of the Repub...

New research project: Training diplomats of postcolonial African states 1957-97

This project is providing new understandings of postcolonial state-building across Africa by focusing on a hitherto overlooked dimension of this process: the training of diplomats. Political-Historical geographers bas...

The rights of future generations: What are our responsibilities?

Jovan Kurbalija - 22 October 2021

For centuries, the question of   – What are our responsibilities for future generations –  has been primarily a philosophical and religious concern. Today, with the decline in trust, climate crisis, COVID-19 pa...

25 years of digital (and) diplomacy: Evolution or revolution?

Jovan Kurbalija - 12 October 2021

Recently, I felt nostalgic and nervous as I was about to revisit my paper from 1996 on digital and diplomacy. Nostalgic of the time when ICTs were pushing new frontiers and carrying a utopian promise of a better world...

[WebDebate #50 summary] Training cyber diplomats: Tools, gaps, and opportunities

DiploFoundation - 10 October 2021

The discussion started by clarifying what cyber diplomacy is. For our purposes, cyber diplomacy described all diplomatic activities related to digitalisation and information and communications technology (ICT). Wallac...

Diplomatic immunity: The reality of the sources of the law

Alan Franklin - 28 July 2021

It is generally understood that the source of the law on diplomatic immunity (DI) is the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Immunity (VCDR), and the immunities of consular officers is the Vienna Convention on Consula...

[WebDebate #47 summary] Current diplomatic responses to COVID-19

Katharina Höne - 12 May 2021

COVID-19 has posed tremendous challenges to diplomacy. Practices have had to be adapted, while diplomats have had to address the immediate crisis situation and work towards coordinated responses. In WebDebate #47 (4 M...

[WebDebate #46 summary] Unpacking the EU’s digital diplomacy and foreign policy

Stephanie Borg Psaila - 15 April 2021

Foreign policies have for many years served as countries’ compass in their relations with each other. With the fast digitalisation of most sectors of society, updating foreign policies to incorporate digital aspects...