A debate on the future of diplomatic training
3 May 2016, Online
'Can we learn diplomacy from books?' is the main quesiton for the next WebDebate, which will be addressed by two practising diplomats with rich experience in diplomatic training: Mr Stefano Baldi,  Minister Plenipotentiary and Training Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperaiton of Italy and Ambassador Milan Jazbec, Ministry of Foreign Affair of Slovenia. Join us with comments and questions on future of diplomatic training!
19th International Symposium in the Series of Diplomacy in the 21st Century,
11-12 May 2016
The Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance, Loughborough University London, in collaboration with the Canadian Science Policy Centre, and the London Diplomatic Science Club, will organise the 19th International Symposium in the series of Diplomacy in the 21st Century. 



The International Forum on Diplomatic Training [IFDT] was established in 1972, as a yearly Meeting of Deans and Directors of Diplomatic Academies and Institutes of International Relations, at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna. Its co-chairs are the Director of that Academy and the Director of the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, Washington DC. This group meets alternately in Vienna and in other countries, at the invitation of the Diplomatic Academy or Institute of International Relations in that country. The Forum is an informal gathering of Deans and Directors devoted to the discussion of issues of modern diplomacy and trends in diplomatic education.

The website provides information on IFDT participants, reports of the annual meetings and current activities. It also includes a useful web links relating to study and research programmes offered by diplomatic training institutions.