The History of Diplomatic Immunity
L. S. Frey and M. L. Frey
Ohio State University Press, 1999

The International Forum on Diplomatic Training [IFDT] was established in 1972, as a yearly Meeting of Deans and Directors of Diplomatic Academies and Institutes of International Relations, at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna. Its co-chairs are the Director of that Academy and the Director of the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

In focus

Our WebDebate in November focused on the question: ‘What is needed for a curriculum on Gender and Diplomacy in diplomatic training academies?’ The debate produced the first building blocs for a curriculum and pilot training in gender and diplomacy.
The WebDebate was inspired by the International Gender Champions Geneva (IGC) initiative which was eloquently introduced by a video message from the IGC's initiators: US Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto and Director-General of the United Nations Office in Geneva, Michael Møller. Diplo belonged to the first members of the initiative...

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Photos from 43rd meeting of the IFDT, Canberra, Australia

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